Smart TVs And LG Remotes: 20 Quick Answers!

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There are many different types of LG remote controls and just as many questions about them.

So in this blog post, I’ll answer some of them, hopefully one or more that you may have!

Let’s get to it.

Will all LG remotes work on all LG TVs?

Not all LG remotes work on all LG TVs.  Standard LG remotes are generally tied to a specific LG TV model.  

Although some magic LG remotes can work on many different LG TVs, they don’t work on them all.

Before buying an LG magic remote, be sure to check which LG TVs the remote is compatible with.

For example, this LG magic remote on Amazon (#ad) is only compatible with these LG TV Models: ZX, WX, GX, CX, BX, NANO99, NANO97, NANO 91, NANO90, NANO85, NANO81, NANO80, UN85, UN73 series.

Are LG remotes infrared (IR)?

Standard LG remotes use Infrared.  They don’t require any setup as long as the remote is compatible with the LG TV.

Is the LG magic remote IR or RF?

The LG magic remote uses bluetooth to communicate with an LG TV.

But, according to the owner’s manual, because the LG magic remote uses a frequency band similar to those used by wireless routers (2.4 GHz) and microwave ovens, you may experience communication issues with the remote.

To prevent this, the manual advises to have the TV positioned at least 0.2 meters away from any wireless routers that you may have.

Are all LG magic remotes the same?

Not all LG magic remotes are the same.  There have been various different designs of LG magic remotes over the years.

Not all LG magic remotes are compatible with all LG TVs.  

So, when buying a new LG magic remote, you should check to see which LG TVs it is compatible with first.

Can an LG remote control other devices?

The LG standard remote cannot control other devices, but the LG magic remote can control a wide range of modern devices.  

These include devices such as a soundbar, blu-ray player, a home theater system and more alleviating the need for multiple remotes.

You can even connect legacy devices such as a VCR.

To set up additional devices such as a soundbar to control with an LG magic remote, follow the instructions in the video below:

Does LG magic remote work with Apple TV?

Yes, the LG magic remote can work with Apple TV.

However you must enable SIMPLINK which uses the HDMI-CEC standard (Consumer Electronics Control).

To enable SIMPLINK:

  1. Press the home button on the remote control.
  2. Select the settings icon.
  3. Go to General and select SIMPLINK.                                                      
  4. Activate the SIMPLINK.            

Can LG remote control Roku?

Most Roku devices will work with an LG magic remote (not the standard LG remote).

In particular, some users have had success getting the Roku Express and the Roku Ultra to work flawlessly with the LG magic remote.

But some Roku devices such as the Roku Streaming Stick+ use a proprietary wireless standard that can only be controlled with the supplied Roku remote.

Can LG remote control Fire TV or Firestick?

Yes, any of the Amazon Fire TV devices such as the Fire TV stick or the Fire TV Cube will work with an LG magic remote.

You can connect an Amazon device to an LG TV/remote using the “device connector”.

You can access the “device connector” by clicking the home button on the remote and clicking on device connector.

Can my LG remote control my cable box?

Any cable, satellite, set-box or cable box can be controlled using an LG TV and the LG magic remote.

Can my LG TV remote control my soundbar?

An LG TV together with the LG magic remote can control a soundbar.

There are multiple ways to connect a soundbar to an LG TV.  These include bluetooth, digital optical, auxiliary cable, or via HDMI ARC.

How you connect a soundbar to your LG TV will depend on the capabilities of both devices.

But to get the best sound quality, I recommend that you connect the two devices using a HDMI cable (if possible) and HDMI (ARC) ports.

Can LG remote control Samsung soundbar?

Yes, an LG magic remote can control a Samsung soundbar.

You can connect a Samsung soundbar to an LG TV using either bluetooth, digital optical, auxiliary cable, or via HDMI ARC.

Can the LG magic remote control Tivo?

Yes, the LG magic remote can control Tivo devices.

However, make sure that “Tivo” is selected in the “device connector” menu when setting it up.

Can the LG magic remote control DirecTV?

The LG magic remote works with a wide range of digital television networks including DirecTV.

Can the LG magic remote control Sky Q?

Yes, the LG magic remote can control Sky Q boxes.

Can I replace my LG remote?

LG remotes can be replaced.  If you want an original LG remote, then you have two options: the LG standard remote and the LG magic remote.

Not all LG standard remotes control all LG TVs and not all LG magic remotes control all LG TVs either.  

So you need to check to see if the remote you intend to buy is compatible with your TV.

Alternatively, you can buy a universal remote.  These can be programmed to control any TV.  They can also be used to control other devices too.

This can be handy if you just want to use a single remote for all your devices.  It’s cheaper too this way as you’ll be needing fewer batteries!

The other alternative is to use a “remote control” Android or iOS smartphone app of which there are plenty available.

Is the LG magic remote a universal remote?

The LG magic remote can’t control all TVs and that includes models made by LG. So it’s not a true “universal remote”.

However, the magic remote can be set up to control a wide range of devices from many different brands and manufacturers.  

Devices include soundbars, set-top boxes, blu-ray players, receivers, games consoles and even legacy devices such as VCR recorders.

Is the LG magic remote worth it?

The LG magic remote’s hand gesture style “point and click” functionality and its ability to control multiple devices makes it a great device.

You can use the on-screen pointer which makes tasks like navigating websites in a browser much easier.

The LG magic remote also gives users a choice when it comes to user input.

Other options include the LG Voice Mate speech recognition technology to issue commands, scrolling with a click wheel, or stepping between icons using the eight-directional clickpad.

Do LG remotes light up?

Neither the LG standard remote nor the LG magic remotes are backlit and don’t light up.

If you want a remote that is backlit, then consider getting a universal remote.

What are the colored buttons on LG remote?

The colored buttons on LG remotes are context buttons and their functionality varies depending on the app.  Some apps use them, others don’t.

The colored buttons were first used for Teletext services and then they were used for “interactive TV” when digital TV was first launched in the UK.

Are the color buttons on the LG remote programmable?

The colored buttons on the LG remote aren’t programmable.  Only developers that create apps using the LG developer SDK can control their function.

However, the number buttons on the remote are programmable.  

To program one of these buttons, go to an app and then press and hold one of these buttons to associate the app to that button.

You can then press and hold that number to instantly launch the app that you chose.

Pressing and holding “0” will allow you to edit and see all your quick-switch apps.

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