Are All TV Power Cords The Same? (Explained)

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  • Not all power cords are the same, but they can be used interchangeably if the style of connector on the end of the cable fits the TV.
  • Some TVs require an external power brick which must supply the correct voltage and current to the TV if replaced.

If you’ve misplaced your TV power cord, you may be wondering if any power cord will do or if you have to get a direct replacement from the manufacturer.

So here’s the answer:

Not all TV power cords are the same, but they can be used interchangeably if they physically fit your TV.  For TVs that require an external power brick care must be taken to ensure that any replacement provides the correct voltage and current to the TV.

Can I use any power cord for my TV?

Generally speaking, you can use any power cord for a TV as long as it physically fits.  

But I suggest taking things a little further and check that the cable is actually capable of carrying the amount of current that the TV draws.  

This can be found out from the TV manual and comparing it with the cable specs.

Chances are though, the cable will be capable of handling more current than the TV draws since they are relatively low power devices.

Now, some TVs need not just a power cord, but a power adapter.  These are sometimes known as a ‘Power Brick’.

These bricks take Alternating Current (AC) from the mains and convert it to DC (Direct Current) that the TV requires.

A power adapter will look something like this:

In this case, you need to ensure that the power adapter outputs the correct voltage and current that your TV expects.

More modern TVs don’t require a power adapter because the electronics found in a power adapter are now built into the TV itself.

How do I know which power cord to get?

Different TVs use different styles of power cords.  Some have two-prongs whilst others have three.  There are also different shapes of two and three prong cables.

To help you identify the correct one, here’s what you can do:

Match the old power cord with the new power cord

If you haven’t misplaced your power cord, but the old one is damaged, then you can simply take it to a store and ask them to match it for you.

Although the matching cable might not be made by the same manufacturer as your old one, it should work fine without any issues.

Check the TV manual

If you have the TV manual handy, it will generally tell you the exact power cable to buy.  Alternatively, you can lookup the TV manual online by typing “make + model + manual” into Google.

Look on the back of the TV

You’ll be able to tell by looking on the back of the TV whether you need a two-prong or a three-prong cable.  

You can also tell the shape of the cable simply by looking at the shape of the port.

Some TVs also have an inscription telling you the type of cable that you need.

If your TV requires an “adapter” to transform down the AC mains into DC, then the port on the back of the TV will typically tell you the voltage that the TV requires.

For example, my Sony Bravia requires an input of 19.5V DC (see below).

But you should also consult the TV manual to make sure that you’re buying an adapter that supplies the correct voltage AND current to your TV.

Look Online

The next option you have is looking online.  Many times, the product listing will include the make and model of the TV that the cable is compatible with.

A good place to start is the manufacturer website, but you may also find what you need on Amazon too.

Ask In Person

If you’ve exhausted all the other options and you’re still not sure which cable to get, then head over to your local electronics or hardware store and see if someone can assist you.

The more information you can give to the person helping you the better.  So ensure that you have the make and model of your TV handy.  

It might also be worth taking a picture of the port on the back of the TV to help them identify the correct style of power cable.

Can the wrong cord damage my TV?

The wrong cord can damage a TV depending on whether the cord is just a cord or whether there’s an adapter/power brick in between the TV and the outlet.

Simple power cord (most modern TVs)

If your TV doesn’t require a power brick then as long as the power cord fits the TV, it will work fine.  

In other words you just need to make sure that the female plug pattern on the power cord matches the male plug pattern on the TV.

But if you bought your TV from another country, you should check that the cable you intend to buy is compatible with the voltage in your current country.

Power adapter/Power brick

If your TV requires a power adapter and not just a simple cable, you need to check the specs first.  Otherwise you risk damaging the TV.

Most TVs should have some over-voltage/over-current protection circuitry built-in to prevent any mistakes like this.  

But you do need to ensure that the output voltage and current is within the limits of what the TV is designed to accept.  

The best place to check the specs is in the manual.

Can I use any power cord for my Samsung TV?

For Samsung TVs that require a simple power cord, as long as it physically fits the TV, it will be fine.

But if the Samsung TV requires an external power supply/power brick, then you need to check the specs to make sure it’s compatible with your TV.

If you want to make doubly sure the cable is right for your Samsung TV, then head over to  

There’s a power cable for sale on there for 4K UHD TVs.  

On the product listing it tells you which TV it’s compatible with (you can find the link to this page at the bottom of this post under ‘Sources’).

Are all Samsung TV power cords the same?

Not all Samsung TV power cords are the same as they use different styles of connectors on the end.  

Some cables use three-prong connectors, others use two-prong connectors.  Some connectors are at right-angles too.  It totally depends on the TV.

Can I get a longer power cord for my Samsung TV?

Samsung TV power cords come in various lengths ranging between 6-feet and 12-feet.

Are all LG TV power cords the same?

Not all LG TV power cords are the same.  Older LG TVs like Plasmas for example use an IEC C13 lead, similar to what you might find on a kettle.

Newer LG TVs use a IEC C7 cable since they use a lot less power.  These look more like a ‘figure of 8’ and come in straight or right-angled formats.

Are all Vizio TV power cords the same?

Not all Vizio TV power cords are the same.  Some Vizio TVs use an IEC C13 (kettle style) lead, others use an IEC C7 cable (‘figure of 8’ style).


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